About SentryX

In 2013, one of SentryX’s founders was involved in a head-on collision with another car as he was on his way to work as an orthopedic surgeon at the University Medical Center Utrecht. All of a sudden, he found himself under the care of his own colleagues, where he underwent multiple surgeries. Fortunately, he recovered completely, but his time as a polytrauma patient profoundly altered his views on healthcare and on pain management in particular. Having experienced intense postoperative pain and the effects of high doses of opioids firsthand, he decided that his patients deserved better.

In the years that followed, SentryX was founded on the premise that more effective techniques should be available for combating postoperative pain. The solution under development may benefit millions of patients around the world, each year, and SentryX and their partners are committed to bringing it to the market. The founders have brought together a solid team with a proven, multidisciplinary track record and have reached long-term collaboration agreements with the University Medical Center Utrecht and the Department of Pharmacy of the Utrecht University to help realize their ambitions.

Our goal

We hope to realize the individual, medical and societal benefits of patients experiencing an appropriate degree of postoperative pain relief without requiring (as many) systemic opioids. Using our solutions, we aim to reduce postoperative lengths-of-stay in the hospital by at least one day compared to current practice.


We are an independent company aiming for short time-to-market for each of our inventions. We will continue to foster close relationships with our academic partners, in part by allocating part of our funding and future profits to academic research and by continually complying with academic values and standards.